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In order to predict and eliminate problems before they occur and to ensure performance, save cost, time and rework as well as increase part quality & margins, we offer full advanced Moldflow® mold filling, cooling, warping and in-depth molding analysis services. By using these simulation tools on your plastic parts, we can simulate and optimize processing performance and conditions prior to development and cutting mold steel.

Our expertise in mold filling and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) combined with the experience of designing well over 500 injection molded plastic parts provide a valuable solution to reach the goal of producing quality parts at the lowest cost and in the quickest time.  Our services for mold filling, cooling, and warpage analysis will benefit every new component for part design, tooling, and molding as well as validate key steps to make your plastic parts a success every time.

Our mold filling services offer you:
- Multiple Gating Options
- Wall Stock Comparisons
- Optimum Balance of Filling Pattern and Pressure Distribution
- Alternative Material Comparisons
- Weld Line Formation and Direction
- And Much More…